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If You Have To Choose, Which Will It Be?

If you have to make a choice, which will it be? Stay in the  marriage, no matter how unhappy you are? Or leave the marriage, the (wo)man you marry and raise your kids, if any, alone?

This is a question I have asked myself many times prior to 2015.

So, in with your opinion, which is worse?

Being unhappily married or being a single mother(father)? Will you do it for you? Or will you do it for the kids?

My answer, as you may already know, is that it is by far easier to be a single mother than to be unhappily married.

But of course, everything is relative.

I have an emotionally abusive spouse who would turn physically abusive, and who contributed nothing into the relationship. I also have three girls – girls whom I do not wish to grow in the volatile marital environment in which my marriage was; it was certainly not the picture of marriage I want etched in their minds.

So from where I stood, looking at my marriage, being physically away from him was my only option in ever finding happiness. After so many years, two trial separations and numerous bruises both emotional and physical, I just knew it would never work between us.

There are studies which found that children raised in happy homes are happier. And ‘happy’ here can mean homes with a single parent, or a set of parents.

What about you? If you have to make a choice, which is it?


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