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The Time I Knew I Was Pregnant

I am writing this off cuff. As I sat here thinking of what to write, it came upon me that maybe I should write about that very first day when I realised that I was pregnant.

I don’t know about other women but for me, when I am pregnant I somehow have a sixth sense about it.

It was not a missed-period or a severe bout of nausea. Neither was it a turn-off from food.

For me it was more like a gut feeling. I’d experienced it when I was pregnant with Ashleigh. I did too with Emma as well as with Aidan.

That ‘realisation’ came almost like a gentle whisper into my ear. It was almost like an angel softly whispering into my ears, ‘Paulina, you are with child.’

Sounds ridiculous I know but that is the best I can describe it.

I don’t remember which of my three girls was I pregnant with then, but I do remember one of those occassions when the gut feeling came to me.

I remember sitting on the couch, sewing. I even remember that I was sewing the cover of the cushion. Out of the blue, I thought to myself, “I am pregnant.”

It was not as though I was thinking or wondering if I am. The thought just popped in my head. Almost as though it was someone else who said it, and I just happened to be within earshot of those words.

And I also remember sitting there for a while, doing the calculations, trying to remember when was my last menstruation, even trying to remember when was the last time Hub and I did the deed.

And these gut feelings were the same for each and every one of five my pregnancy. Yes, I was pregnant five times; the first and fifth did not survive beyond the first trimester.

Anyways, with that feeling, I would proceed to go into the pharmacy for a test kit. Just to confirm.

And I was never wrong.

These kit, I still keep them as part of the girls’ baby stuff pack. It is faded of course, but still, it serves as a commemoration of the time when I first found out.

How about you? Did you experience similar ‘gut feeling’?



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