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My Daughters Ash and Aidan Rocks!

Disclaimer: This piece is based solely on my own personal experience of raising three daughters, one of whom is a child with special needs.

My eldest Ash and her younger sister Aidan have one-up on life.

Perhaps to an outsider their lives seem hard or different compared to their friends. It is in a way, but not what people might think. Trust me, Ash and Aidan are being prepared for their lives ahead of them in so many ways than one.

Let me elaborate…

They are dealing with more

They constantly have hospital stays, meet with Emma’s special needs friends and learning a thing or two from Emma’s special needs teachers.

They see how their father and I love Emma unconditionally and that thought is embedded into their heart.

They see the patience that others give towards Emma and patience is buried into their soul.

They see the tireless efforts put to ensuring Emma gets what she deserves and it is ingrained into their mind.

They witness that their needs and the needs of their special needs sister are well taken care of, and they are learning from it.

They are indeed, growing up with traits that make them an amazing person.

Of course they go through more than children in other families

But they also have cool moments that many children without a special needs sibling from other families don’t experience.

This include feeling the pride in themselves when Emma reaches a milestone.

Or having the greatest friendship ever because their special needs sister completely and utterly trust and love them.

My kids rock!

But most importantly, the reason why their life rocks: they know true love, true headache and what’s truly important.

They are living a life that takes a strong heart and a strong mind.

They are maturing faster than their schoolmates.

They will exhibit compassion that astounds others.

And they will develop a wicked sense of humor that will enable them to enjoy life no matter what.

They will grow up to be an awesome human being and will have every opportunity to change their lives and the lives of those around them, for the better.

All because they are siblings of a child with special needs.

You rock, my daughters!



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