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What My 11-Year Old Sees Through a Camera Lense

The neighbourhood where I live organizes a street mall / flea market every fortnightly. Last night, we decided to join the crowd for the evening so I let my 11year old, a budding photographer, have full reign of my Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone.

I thought it would be fun to see what she came up with. Below are some of her more ‘outstanding’ work.


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Grinning snake

“The red snake seemed to be looking and grinning at me. I thought if I take a photo of it, it will look away.”

Invisible girl

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The Invisible Girl

“The boy and his little sister was running around the game as I was taking this photo. In it, you cannot see the small girl but she is there (the shawdowy figure beside the blurry boy). I think this shot is magical….”


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So many to choose from…

“Mom, can I have everything on the menu? It reads soooo gooooddd….”


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Where did the crowd go?

“There was a crowd but I guess they moved away from the shot before I got the chance to press the button.”


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“They turned on the signage lights just as I was taking this. So interesting to see fairy lights and the signage lighting up !”

More magic!

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More magic….

The boy threw the dice but it seems that the girl in front of the food truck is the one who catches it. How amazing is that?”


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Super sweet….!

“The ABC was super sweet. Someone! Please give me some water!”

Fire dragon

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Fire dragon

“My sister, who was born in the year of the dragon, was breathing fairy lights. Hahahaha!”


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Lights through the leaves

“I imagine the lights peeking through the leaves of the trees as they want to join in the fun for the night. Can they?”


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