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Who needs TV when you can YouTube?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily nor was I provided with any free product in return for my thoughts and opinions in this blog entry. All opinions are mine and are not meant to make fun nor demean the people, the nation nor the talents. Content is written in good humour and it is hoped it will be taken as such.

I don’t watch TV.

I think I stopped watching TV for more than two years now. I stopped when it became too difficult to watch my program uninterrupted. I gave up on TV when it became too annoying to have my girls bugging me about watching their favourite program instead of mine. I surrendered the remote when my husband channel surf the stock markets, international news and the sports news.

So I gave up on watching TV. Well…okay, I lied. Maybe I watch some shows. But that’s probably just 2% of my free time.

Instead, I watch YouTube.


YouTube and other digital entertainment is, in my opinion, more real than a television production. And the key word here is “more real”.

Unlike television, the stuff on YouTube is, in most parts, unedited, therefore more ‘real’. And if there are any editing done, it’s probably to snip off those blunders and bloopers, which in itself can actually become quite entertaining.

So what do I watch in YouTube?

I taught myself knitting. Seriously.

Knitting, before I learned it, was something that was totally mind-boggling to me. I used to ask myself “how the h*** can one keep the yarn on a stick without it falling off?” After scrutinizing as many knitting videos as I can sit through, and after I finally bought myself a pair of knitting needles, that eternal question of mine was finally answered.

Do you want to know how the yarn stays on the needle? Take up knitting.

When I want to know if a blockbuster movie is really a blockbuster movie in my books, I YouTube the trailer.

I know, I know. Movie trailers normally show the best scenes. But that’s the whole idea. If the scenes leave me feeling excited, then it is probably worth my movie-ticket investment. But if the scenes in the trailer leaves me with a “mehhh….” feels, then I’d probably be happier buying a tub (or two) of Sunny Hill’s soft-served ice cream.

Also it is from these trailers that I learned a valuable lesson: that all American movies have the tendency to be heroics persona of themselves, that Thai horror movies can actually be quite comedic and that Koreans don’t just kill, they slaughter one another *insert Psycho movie theme here*.

Thanks to Youtube, I taught myself to read hanguel (the Korean letters) from Learn Korean with As a follow-up, I am learning (or at least I am trying to learn, so don’t judge me) Korean with and Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.

I am far from having a good grasp of the language but I’m heading there. While we’re at it… if anyone would like to offer me Korean language tutoring, drop me an email *(^o^)*

For comedic entertainment, I watch snippets of stand-up comedy skits by Harith Iskandar, Douglas Lim and Adflin Shauki. Or I will just watch some YouTubers making fun of selves, peers and nations like these guys here, here and here.

For the safety of self and my broods, am always on the lookout for self-defense tactics on YouTube. So far, there is no one particular vid which makes me go “Hey! This is good! Lemme share.” I mean, there are good ones but somehow, it doesn’t quite fit my self-defense requirements. Or maybe I just have something particular in mind…

I even watch Korean shows on YouTube. Both subbed, and unsubbed. I know. I should watch the unsubbed version of the shows just so I can learn more but… never mind….

But really. There are a million things to watch, learn and discover in YouTube. All you need is some level of curiosity and bravery to go into the unknown. Because YouTube is like an uncharted forest. Seek. And you shall find.

Or is it… click and you shall view?


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