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What if your deadline is death?

You hear it often enough. Bucket list. What’s with that name that makes you want to sit down and make THE list?

Fear of death? The feeling of incompleteness? Just because others are doing it?

Like everyone else, I’d finally made my list. But like all bucket lists, these were thought out carefully. I even have a rule attached to my list. Lists can be added, but cannot be remove. Here’s mine.

  1. Attend a mass conducted by the Pope, at St Peter’s Square or St Peter’s Basilica
  2. Visit the Holy Land
  3. See the northern lights in Iceland in winter
  4. Spend a week-long holiday in Maldives
  5. Go for a midnight bicycle ride along the Han River in Seoul or along Suyeong River in Busan South Korea
  6. Visit countries located East, South, West and North of Malaysia
  7. See the cherry blossoms in South Korea
  8. Go for a big-name K-Pop concert in Seoul
  9. Visit the steppes in Mongolia
  10. Climb any mountain in the dead of winter
  11. Climb an active volcano
  12. Spend Christmas is Norway
  13. Learn skiing in the Swiss Alps
  14. Live a year abroad
  15. Paraglide
  16. Learn to play Spongebob Squarepants’ theme song on the guitar
  17. Ride in a hot air balloon
  18. Visit at least 2 of the Seven Wonders of the New World
  19. Get a caricature of myself done
  20. Tell a man whom I am not related / married to that I love him and mean it too.

On retrospective, I feel that my list will never be achievable. Shouldn’t I make it more realistic? What if I never achieve any of them? Will I be, at my deathbed, say “I wish I had/had not made that list?”

Will you make a list?


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