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Thank you

Why do I thank you, you may ask?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily nor was I provided with any free product in return for my thoughts and opinions in this blog entry. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own based on my personal experience.

Well, ever notice how no one ever thank you for showing up, or for fulfilling a pre-arranged meeting? Heck! No one even thank you for just being.

To me I only hear the words “Thanks for coming,” or “Thank you for being here” in a formal environment. At business meetings. At a networking lunch. Or even when you meet a realtor. These are all business-centred, where we seemed to remember to be appreciative.

However, have you ever heard your sibling say “Thanks for being here!” when you meet up for lunch at Nando’s, VivaCity or when gathering for a simple family lunch at Rock Road Seafood Restaurant? If your reply is ‘yes’, then I salute you.

But if it’s a ‘no’, then why is that?

Are we so sure of each other’s existence in life that their presence is taken for granted? Do we unconsciously think “she’s not here today but she is around [read: alive]” when we cancel a Tony Roma’s lunch date with our siblings or friend?

Have you ever thought about these simple words?

In reality, the words “thank you” means a lot. And the words “Thank you for being here” means a whole lot more. Don’t you agree?

Allow me to elaborate.

I have a friend who would greet me with an enthusiastic “Welcome!” each time I get into his MyVi. Of course, he would then rattle on about the importance of wearing a seat belt etc but that’s another story.

So. Was it a habit? Maybe.


Didn’t I just see him a couple of minutes ago? How long has it been since he left to get his car out of the parking lot before driving up to pick me so we’ll be on our way?

I must admit. Initially I was surprised at his greeting. However, it gradually became a pleasant re-meeting point.

We may have said our ‘hellos, how are you?’ when we meet for the day, but it was nice to ‘re-new’ that greeting after each separation, no matter how brief.

So eventually, I learnt to reply with an equally enthusiastic ‘Hello!” of my own. And have even learnt to add some humor into the moment by telling him, “To the nearest restaurant please,” or “To the mall, please sir.”

It makes for a happy and fun atmosphere. But I digress.

The ‘renewal greeting’… yeah, I had decided to call it that. I have learnt to say it with my own children. No matter how brief, not matter how petty. I would always greet them with an enthusiastic “hello!”

When they enter the house after throwing the trash “hello!”. When they come out of their rooms, “hello!”. When they look up as I enter the room they are in. “Hello!”

Nut more importantly, I learnt a valuable lesson from a simple, often overlooked gesture.

Seeing the quiet smile of contentment on my friend’s face when he hears my reply. The wide grin on my children’s face. Or even the surprised look on my neighbour’s face upon hearing my greeting.

Isn’t is a great feeling to be acknowledged? Would you do this? To start vocalising your gratefulness.

So from me to you, thank you. Because you are here.




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